One-on-One Empowerment Sessions for Teens,
Young Adults & Parents

10 most powerful 2-letter words: "If it is to be, it is up to me!"
We relate to the world from the inside out.

My One-on-one empowerment sessions are for teens, young adults, and parents who desire private and focused attention to create immediate momentum to become skilled in their own self-empowerment. You have to be whole and healthy before you can build healthy relationships with family or anyone outside of family. The quality of your life starts with you. Are you ready to lean in?

For Teens & Young adults: One-on-one sessions focus on mastering their self-competence and life essentials: Self-Management/Self-Care skills; Evolving & Adapting skills; Relationship/Social skills; Communication/Public speaking skills; Time Management skills; Interviewing skills; Leadership skills; and Giving back/Greater Good skills. Competency in self and navigating their lives as they launch into the real world is the greatest gift we can give our children. In order for them to become skilled in "self" and life, they need real experience -- We learn by doing, not by telling. 

For Parents, the sessions focus on you. Shining the light of truth on what you are contributing positively to your life and family, and what you are contaminating in your life and family. Not easy, but essential for lasting change to happen. Be prepared to lean in, get real, and be open to evolve and adapt into the person you love, respect, value and enjoy.  When you do that for yourself, all falls into place. It starts with you!

These sessions are for those who want to embrace their full potential, and are disciplined to take action to make positive changes instead of making excuses. The quality of our lives is our responsibility, and is determined by how we value ourselves, and the quality of our choices.  Desire + Discipline = A Thriving Life


If you're ready to reboot, renew, restart and/or improve, I'd be honored to hear from you to learn more. 

60 - minute sessions $150

90 - minute sessions $220

   2 - hour sessions      $280

**Price includes soothing, inspiring and healing space; beverages; snacks; a journal; and some supplies for creative activities.