Empowerment Educator & Coach

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For more than 30 years I have been educating, coaching, motivating, and empowering teens, and adults. It is my passion, my heart’s work, and my life’s contribution. I believe who we are, and what we do should be in alignment. When

this happens the whole world benefits--especially our families.


It comes down to what you value, and what values you desire to instill in your children, and your family's foundation. I value the skills that create healthy, meaningful, and thriving lives. I value the skills that honor health, and well-being. I value the skills that inspire acts of courage, kindness, and positive change. I value the skills that create community, connection, and compassion.

I value skills that nurture innate strengths, and talents. I value the skills that ignite new ideas, and possibilities for a better tomorrow. I value the skills that bring people together to collaborate, create, and co-inspire. Mastering these skills creates a path for a healthy and thriving life at any age.


Life is everyday. You are everyday. Family is everyday. By teaching life skills, and making self-competency a priority, we give the most important gifts to our children: Self-worth, self-sufficiency, and the competency to build a healthy future.

We all have strengths, gifts and talents. One of mine has always been empowering, and inspiring others to recognize their own.

I can identify people's untapped potential, and am joyfully driven to empower them to step into their own greatness. I have the ability to see, understand and articulate the bigger picture for others--I believe this is the cornerstone of my success.  I'm  a truth-teller, an illuminator of productive pathways, and fresh perspectives. 

With my personal life experiences, educational accomplishments, and professional background all surrounding empowerment and coaching, your family's hearts are in very good hands. I have a B.A. from San Diego State University, and a M.A. from University of Denver in Speech Communication; I'm a certified Hypnotherapist; and an expert lecturer on building stronger families at Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort in Tucson, Arizona.

I worked at Apple for almost a decade in the Education Marketing departments which ultimately ignited my entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to educate others through self-empowerment. Over the last 30 years, I've created four businesses empowering others to become competent in self-care, self-worth, and life skills. From my Chin-Up Personal Fitness Training, to an Award-Winning Self-Empowerment DVD series for children, to team building, executive and life coaching, and now Life Launch focusing on nourishing and empowering families for a lifetime. 

I'm a fiercely passionate person, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Ironman, athlete, animal lover, advocate for humanity, protector of Mother Earth, speaker, and writer. I'm honest, wise, kind, compassionate, adventurous, fun, energetic, positive, tenacious, determined, and trustworthy person who walks my talk, and lives my life facing forward.

I'd be honored to partner with you to master your own self-care skills, strengthen your family's foundation, deepen your connections, and improve your relationships. 

It starts with you!