JILL AVERY, Creator & Igniter


The greatest gift we can give our children is the self-sufficiency and independence they need to adapt to life's inevitable challenges. No one escapes hardship. By developing the tools to effectively navigate obstacles and finding opportunities, they will become the leaders of their lives and the captains of their fate. This is essential to a thriving life.

For more than 30 years I have been coaching, motivating, teaching and empowering adults and children. It is my passion and my calling. I believe when we do what we love, the whole world benefits. By giving our youth the opportunity and experience they need to become secure, capable, connected and self-reliant individuals they will be able to take care of themselves regardless of circumstance. 

I care passionately about young people. I will help prepare them for a successful launch into the real world by laying a solid foundation of life essentials, strategies and skills. I will help your kids live their lives facing forward with confidence, competence and happiness--and that's a promise. 

We all have strengths, gifts and talents. One of mine has always been empowering and inspiring others to recognize their own. I can identify people's untapped potential and am joyfully driven to help them to step into their greatness.

To Own it. Embrace it. Nurture it. Celebrate it. And share it!

I'm an extraordinarily proud mother of three young adults who have successfully launched and are well on their way to building meaningful and thriving lives. 

With a B.A. from San Diego State University and a M.A. from University of Denver in Speech Communication I have the ability to see, understand and articulate the bigger picture for others--I believe this is the cornerstone of my success.  I'm an illuminator of new paths and perspectives. And as a certified Hypnotherapist from the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, I am able to offer another powerful, peaceful and effective tool for self-mastery.

I have worked in K-12 and Higher Education and Marketing Communications at Apple for almost a decade. Honoring my entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help others, over the last 25 years I've created four businesses empowering and inspiring others to live their best lives. From fitness training, to an award winning Self-Help DVD series for children, to team building and life coaching, and finally now with Launch. It's clear that my purpose is to serve, honor people and our incredible planet with the ultimate goal of contributing profoundly to the greater good. I believe in daily deliberate acts of goodness, kindness to all creatures, nurturing nature and giving more than taking. I believe the truest wealth is our health--on all levels. 

I'm a fiercely passionate person, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Ironman, athlete, entrepreneur, animal lover, advocate for humanity, protector of the environment and a writer. I'm honest, wise, kind, compassionate, adventurous, fun, energetic, positive, tenacious, determined, trustworthy, and live my life facing forward.

I am honored to be entrusted with empowering your kids to realize their true potential, and to partner with parents to strengthen your family's foundation.

It starts with you. It starts at home. Because when our family is well, the whole world benefits!

Life Empowerment Coach for Teens, Young Adults & Parents
Certified Hypnotherapist