The greatest gift we can give our children is the self-sufficiency and independence they need to adapt to life's inevitable challenges. No one escapes hardship. By developing the tools to effectively navigate obstacles and finding opportunities, they will become the leaders of their lives and the captains of their fate. This is essential to a thriving life.

For more than 25 years I have been coaching, motivating, teaching and empowering adults and children. It is my passion and my calling. I believe when we do what we love, the whole world benefits. By giving our youth the opportunity and experience they need to become secure, capable, connected and self-reliant individuals they will be able to take care of themselves regardless of circumstance. 

I care passionately about young people. I will help prepare them for a successful launch into the real world by laying a solid foundation of life essentials, strategies and skills. I will help your kids live their lives facing forward with confidence, competence and happiness--and that's a promise. 

We all have strengths, gifts and talents. One of mine has always been empowering and inspiring others to recognize their own. I can identify people's untapped potential and am joyfully driven to help them to step into their greatness.

To Own it. Embrace it. Nurture it. Celebrate it. And share it!

I'm an extraordinarily proud mother of three young adults who have successfully launched and are well on their way to building meaningful and thriving lives. 

With a B.A. from San Diego State University and a M.A. from University of Denver in Speech Communication I have the ability to see, understand and articulate the bigger picture for others--I believe this is the cornerstone of my success.  I'm an illuminator of new paths and perspectives. And as a certified Hypnotherapist from the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, I am able to offer another powerful, peaceful and effective tool for self-mastery.

I have worked in K-12 and Higher Education and Marketing Communications at Apple for almost a decade. Honoring my entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help others, over the last 22 years I've created four businesses empowering and inspiring others to live their best lives. From fitness training, to an award winning Self-Help DVD series for children, to team building and life coaching, and finally now with Launch. It's clear that my purpose is to serve, honor people and our incredible planet with the ultimate goal of contributing profoundly to the greater good. I believe in daily deliberate acts of goodness, kindness to all creatures, nurturing nature and giving more than taking. I believe the truest wealth is our health--on all levels. 

I'm a fiercely passionate mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, athlete, animal lover, advocate for humanity, protector of the environment and a writer. I'm honest, wise, kind, compassionate, adventurous, fun, energetic, positive, tenacious, determined, trustworthy, and I have a wonderful sense of humor.

I am honored to be entrusted with helping empower your children to realize their true potential. It is a privilege to hold space for your children at this critical time of their lives. My goal is to provide them an inspirational and healing place where they can exhale, release fear and anxiety, broaden their competencies, and feel confident about their futures. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to help enrich and empower their lives. 


Let’s get them ready to launch!

Life Strategist ~ Empowerment Coach ~ Certified Hypnotherapist

Britany is driven by her ambition to be a mental health and wellness advocate, mentor, and educator for young people through raising awareness, reducing stigma, and providing social emotional learning tools to cultivate a more balanced life. She is passionate about working with adolescents because it is the most vulnerable and impactful time of personal development. Britany has been living with anxiety since she was a teen and is very familiar with the challenges that come with it. She was inspired to become a counselor because of the supportive mentors she had in her life that helped her thrive. Britany has been working with kids for most of her life and has dedicated her career to empowering youth. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Child and Adolescent Development, she started her career at The Bill Wilson Center working with at-risk youth in the foster system. She later went on to find her path as a teacher because she believes a strong foundation in education is the key to creating opportunities and achieving goals.

As a lifelong learner, she felt the call to go back to school and earn her Master’s degree in Counseling Education. Growing up in the Silicon Valley she watched the Bay Area transform and evolve. Fascinated by the age of technology and human behavior, she chose to research the negative impact of social media on the social emotional growth of teenagers. Disheartened by what she found, she created her first workshop series to combat those negative influences through teaching empathy, interpersonal skills, and self-awareness. During her time as a career counselor at SJSU, Britany facilitated workshops that helped students prepare for internships and to enter the workforce. She also counseled students individually to help them discover career opportunities that suited their interests and skill sets.


For the past four years she was working with young women at Presentation High School as the Student Wellness Director where she championed and designed a four-year program aligned to a scope and sequence that addresses the mental health and wellness needs of the students. Her curriculum was rooted in the core CASEL competencies and provided tools for students to manage stress, practice self-care, cultivate mindfulness, strengthen interpersonal skills, and navigate transitions throughout life.

Britany has been an educator of children, teens, and adults in a variety of classroom settings and is a RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. Her expertise lies in mindfulness, meditation, social emotional learning, and social justice. She believes that play, movement, and the breath are transformational and essential for learning. Britany is a yogi, wife, auntie, mother of two cats, and an outdoor and travel enthusiast. She sees the beauty and potential in all people and is passionate about helping others reach their goals that bring them closer to creating a meaningful life.