Communication Session 

SESSION DETAILSLimited to 8 Students to ensure quality time and connection.

Effective communication is a universal foundation to all relationships—it is one of the most important life skills to master. When you can communicate effectively in any given situation or circumstance, you naturally become an effective leader—for yourself and others. Students will learn a variety of effective communication techniques for family members, friends/peers, teachers/professionals, romantic partners, strangers and even adversaries. More often than not, it is not what you say, but how you say it—delivery is everything. Students will be exposed to a diverse group of guest speakers to offer new approaches and will have the opportunity to put these communication skills into practice. Learning how to deliver impressive speeches, to be an engaging storyteller, to be a great conversationalist as well as a skilled listener are all integral in becoming a master communicator. The multitude of communication styles are always enlightening and inspiring for students.
August and September Sessions 

$720/ per session includes 6 classes, journal, and supplies

Discount Rate for all 5-Life Skills Sessions Paid in Full - 10% off ($3,240 for the entire school year)

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