Evolving and Adapting Session

SESSION DETAILSLimited to 8 Students to ensure quality time and connection.

The art of evolving and adapting are key to a thriving and resilient life. To know how to go with the flow (adapt) as you progress (evolve) through the inevitable ups and downs of life are the greatest skills to possess for a happy life. Huge transitions and transformations are constant throughout life and can be extra challenging to navigate if you don't have the life skills put into place and into practice. Launch teaches and empowers students how to evolve, adapt and thrive amidst these constant and inevitable changes. Empowering them with the tools and techniques to lean into their lives while facing forward is the goal. Preparing them for real life is a necessary process for a thriving life. One of the biggest gifts we can give our children are the tools to evolve and adapt with confidence, competence and courage in any situation or circumstance. These are timeless and ageless life skills.
October/November Sessions

$720/ per session includes 6 sessions, journal, and supplies

Discount Rate for all 5-Life Skills Sessions Paid in Full - 10% off ($3,240 for the entire school year)

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