Launch Summer Camp 


 in effect

CAMP DETAILS - Limited to 6 Campers to ensure quality time and connection. 

Launch Summer Camps (LSC) are like a wellness retreat for a quick and transformational life reset and reboot. Get your children back on track and in the groove before summer ends and school begins. All kids feel anxious and insecure about starting the new school year. LSC gets students ready so they can feel secure and confident instead of overwhelmed and anxious about going back to school. This is an awesome time to connect with others, develop new friendships and learn some key life navigational skills for their evolving lives during high school. They will learn the tools for creating a meaningful, fulfilling and thriving life. There will be a lot of inspiring discussions illuminating new perspectives and possibilities. The goal is to empower and teach them how to build a solid foundation with life skills to prepare them for their emerging adulthood and real life. It's a feel-good experience they will remember and will put to use for a lifetime! Yes, it is that special!
Limited to 6 kids per session - Ages 14 - 17 
$400 includes supplies and snacks.
To register email: or call 408-921-9684

Summer Camp Flyer


Morning session 10:30am - 1:30pm

Afternoon session 2 - 5pm

Summer Camp Flyer

Week 1  June 8-12

Week 2 June 15-19

Week 3 June 22-26

Week 4 July 6-10

Week 5 July 13-17

Week 6 July 20-24

Week 7 July 27-31

Week 8 August 3-7 

Life Launch Camp is a one-of-a-kind experience.

What's your story? What do you stand for?

What makes you come alive?

Desire + Discipline = Thriving Life

Train Your Brain = Empowerment

Music + Chill + Chat = Friendship

Walks + Talks = Happy Hearts

Dreams + Imagination = Vision Boards

Drumming Circle = Connection & Inspiration

Supplies & Snacks included. Refillable water bottle required.

Social distancing & sanitizing put into effect.

Limited to 6 kids per session - Ages 14 - 17 
$400 includes supplies and snacks.
To register email: or call 408-921-9684
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