Self Management Session

SESSION DETAILSLimited to 8 Students to ensure quality time and connection.


To be able to effectively self-manage is empowering and a life saving skill. Stress is a natural part of life and cannot be avoided. Learning how to become competent in our self-care and how to effectively respond and react to stress are essential to living a healthy life. During the self-management sessions, Launchers will learn how to turn inevitable stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and conflict into manageable speed bumps. Launchers will learn a variety of techniques that will provide them with relief and control over their thoughts, and emotions. Learning these self-management skills will empower them to cultivate these new skills as a part of their everyday lives not just during challenging times. 


During class, Launchers will participate in guided beginner mediations, breathing exercises, and inspiring discussions on how to make these mid-flight corrections instead of going into a nosedive, and spiraling out of control. These simple yet powerful self-management tools and practices will become their life-long companions. 


When these tools and techniques are put into place, inner peace and self-confidence are their reward which makes stressful times feel manageable. Teaching Launchers how to honor their mental, emotional and physical health is top priority because it's the only way to create a healthy and thriving life. These self-management skills will benefit them throughout their lives. Health is wealth!

January/February/March Sessions

$720/ per session includes 6 sessions, journal, and supplies

Discount Rate for all 5-Life Skills Sessions Paid in Full - 10% off ($3,240 for the entire school year)


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