life skills courses 

Our kids need Jill in their lives. She is driven to make their lives fuller, healthier and more balanced. She believes in these kids and knows how to reach them. Jill's Launch courses are foundational to our youth's future. I couldn't be more thrilled she is committed to empowering our kids! Thank you Jill!

-- Judy | Teacher, Parent & Grandparent --

Jill’s energy is infectious and you can’t help but feel good when you are in her presence. Her talent, passion and heart for helping people grow into greater versions of themselves is both inspired and inspiring. She is a force of nature. She walks her talk which is evident in every aspect of  her life. Jill "sees everything", which is what makes her such a powerful teacher, mentor and coach. She sees possibilities and opportunities and directs you on the path to get there. She has helped me more ways than I can count and I am forever grateful for her.

-- Lynne | Entrepreneur & Parent --

Our teenagers are in great need of support and empowerment to navigate through these increasingly complex and competitive times. I can think of no better person to help guide, prepare and empower our youth than Jill Avery Henderson. Jill has an infectious passion for empowering young adults through these very challenging times by teaching stress management and coping skills, and illuminating their unique and untapped talents. Jill is a truly beautiful soul who touches everyone she meets with her sincere desire to bring out the best in people. Her wisdom, insight and encouragement have had a tremendous impact on our family. Our hearts are filled with gratitude that she is now sharing her very special talents with our community. 

-- The Walker Family --

I've known Jill for over 40 years and I couldn't speak highly enough about her.  She is the real deal. She is unrelenting with her passion to help people and to make a difference. She's a natural leader, an inspiring teacher and a powerful healer. If you want your children's lives to be enriched, expose them to Jill's heart, mind and soul. Your children will be equipped to build a healthy and fulfilling life. 

-- Brad | Parent --

Jill has one of the biggest hearts I know. She has helped me through some challenging times with her kind, wise and motivational words. Her experience and knowledge as well as her persona make it easy to trust her. She listens, understands and gets you to think about the bigger picture. She has been there when I have needed it most. I feel grateful that I have Jill in my life.

-- Harrison, 19 | Student --

Jill is very energetic and deeply motivated to help transform our youth's quality of life by teaching real life skills and strategies to create a well balanced and meaningful life. She is a perfect fit as she is able to effectively communicate with kids, schools and parents. For me personally and professionally, Jill has helped me with her gifts of creative vision, clarity and perfect execution. I highly recommend her for guiding and empowering our youth as she has the tools, life experience and personality to make a positive impact in their lives. This is her calling! 

-- Shakti Malini | Entrepreneur & Parent --

Jill’s Launch program is so important because it will help kids with their physical and mental health. Jill is very trustworthy and is always open to listen; I feel I can open up to her about anything. She has great insights and offers different perspectives to help you see the bigger picture. She makes you feel as if you're not alone, but instead understood. I believe Launch will help all kids because in today’s world kids need extra support on helping them evolve into a more well rounded person. Launch will help kids in high school become more confident socially and academically. I just wish it could have been available during my high school years.

-- Gabbi, 18 | Student --

I have had the greatest pleasure of knowing Jill for many years. She is one of the most passionate and inspiring women I have ever encountered. Jill is fierce about advocating for others and has the experience of juggling being a mother of two with running companies in a competitive environment, such as Saratoga. People and especially teens are attracted to her because she holds space for them and listens actively to their needs. I wish the Launch program was available when my son was a teen because he would have benefitted greatly from Jill’s powerful nuggets of wisdom. 

-- Patty | Parent --

Jill is such a wholehearted and empowering woman whom has never failed to uplift or support me at any point in my life. Although I didn’t have the Launch program when I was at that critical point in high school, I will always be grateful that Jill was never afraid to offer her insight and wisdom when I needed it most. I feel so fortunate to have her as a mentor.

-- Olivia, 20 | Student --

As a master communicator and leader, Jill Avery Henderson is passionately driven to bring essential tools and life strategies to the teen community. Having known her for decades as a friend and colleague, I can attest to both her knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching skills that ultimately create a well balanced lifestyle and healthy mind. Launch is a program that will do just that. I only wish it were available when my college aged kids were young.  

-- Sandy | Parent --

From my perspective as a career educator, I know that Jill is addressing the need that young students have to build balance around their lives. As a life-long friend of Jill’s, I believe that she will do it in a way that incorporates her native empathy, compassion and energy. I only wish my own children could have participated in a program like this. 

-- Andrew | Teacher & Parent --



Britany’s innate ability to connect with others has been a foundation for her successful skill set when working with youth. She sees the whole person and uses their strengths to help them thrive. Britany has the education and experience working with diverse populations of various backgrounds. She has evidenced ability to empower and support youth to in setting and achieving goals related to wellness, creativity, and balance to help them prepare for a successful future.

-- Erin | Clinical Social Worker --

Britany’s passion for helping students to understand the importance of taking care of self is contagious. She has thoughtfully designed workshops for students at each grade level to learn how to handle the stresses of not only being a teenager, but how to navigate high school through all of the personal stresses that come with it. Britany has also committed to helping students to learning the value of open and honest communication; to owning their role in their life decisions; and providing them with the tools to heal from challenging situations. Students are certainly more empowered once they have had the Britany experience.

-- Jo-Anne | Academic Supervisor --

Britany genuinely cares about developing sustainable self-care practices for her students and colleagues. She lives and breaths wellness - taking every opportunity to learn new strategies, grow in her own practice, and inspire others to do the same. In this, she is a model for the impressionable minds with whom she works. She is personable, positive, and intuitive in her interactions with a variety of backgrounds and age groups. She has, and will continue, to help students live a fulfilled and empowered life.

-- Jacquelyn | Teacher --

As someone who has studied and worked with Britany, I’ve witnessed her unique ability to create rich, collaborative, and deeply transformative experiences for the people who attend her trainings and talks. Her creative, action-oriented processes are always crafted from the heart with careful attention to personal boundaries and space, helping others move toward greater awareness and self reflection. Observing Britany’s genuine, heart-centered passion for health, balance, and well-being personally as well as professionally, has been inspirational to say the least.

-- Dawn | Professor --

Britany was one of the first people I met in foster care who I immediately identified with. She maintains a grounded demeanor and amazing ability to hold space through tough emotions and transitions. Dually, Britany is a light-hearted and down-to-earth person which makes it extremely easy to trust & open up to her. She approaches situations with a high level of discernment and I am so grateful to have had her as a mentor to teach me how to listen to myself amidst the constant noise of the world. She was one of the strongest examples of stability and reliability throughout my experience in the system and in adulthood now; anyone who gets the chance to cross paths with Britany will undoubtedly feel both inspired & capable.

-- Elizabeth, 22 | Student --

Britany is compassionate about her work and she truly cares about the well-being of her students. She is an activist for others, but also works with her students to encourage self activism with use of their own voice. Her foundation is rooted in wellness, which helps her students embrace their individuality and trust their own voices. As she herself embraces wellness, she serves as a model for our youth today. Her students always leave her office feeling empowered and learning to self-love. Her empathy is apparent in her practices as all of her interactions with students are carried by her patience. Britany has a deep sense of self-respect and her genuine desire to make a difference not only serves our students, but also serves our community. She truly is an exemplary model for our parents and teachers. Britany is a phenomenal woman who has already made a difference in our world, and continues to make a difference every day.

-- Claire | Teacher --

Britany came to our school with a passion and energy that could not be stopped. She built a school-wide student wellness program from the ground up, developing curriculum and a student-led club that would be the first step in addressing the often taboo and ignored mental health challenges of our students. Her warmth is endless, both with the students and her colleagues and shows genuine concern for everyone she meets. Her talent as a counselor are complemented by her profound knowledge of teens' mental health issues, making her an essential part of the lives of any struggling teen.

-- Carrie | Teacher --