Whole Intelligence Session

SESSION DETAILSLimited to 8 Students to ensure quality time and connection.

Launchers will learn over 10 different intelligences and realize how many layers they have not yet discovered or developed within themselves. This new knowledge and awareness brings excitement and empowerment to Launchers because it creates new opportunities to grow and broaden their talent and skill sets. There are many lenses to look through and learn from. Youth are told to find their "passion" in life which is an enormous ask for teens. One of the ways to begin this "passion quest" is to uncover and discover what truly interests them and what does not. Letting go of things that aren't in alignment with their true north will naturally open up more space for things that are in alignment with their desires. Becoming a well-balanced and well-rounded person takes effort, discipline and commitment in creating "wholeness" in oneself.  Health is wealth!
March/April/May Sessions

$720/ per session includes 6 sessions, journal, and supplies

Discount Rate for all 5-Life Skills Sessions Paid in Full - 10% off ($3,240 for the entire school year)


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